Training Courses

BIM Resources Instructor-led classroom training is a live training program conducted by industry experts. It gives an opportunity for the trainees and instructor to have one on one interaction. It provides a platform which enables professionals to establish a productive learning environment and gives the trainees leeway for additional guidance.  Students and working professionals can register for the classroom training based on each course’s eligibility criteria.

BIM Resources has partnership with Trimble Tekla, Betley’s SACS Offshore and IDEA StatiCa for training programs.

Institutional Training

Helping to achieve practical expertise in a classroom

To match with the growth in the industry, it is necessary for students to upgrade their skills according to the latest trend. The quality education provided by engineering colleges and other institutions falls short in meeting these requirements. Students need to be proficient and adept in latest tool to be able to work productively in the industry.

When employing young engineers, the employers look for the following basic requirements –

  • Strong foundation in engineering basics 
  • Project development skills 
  • Good communication skills
  • Enthusiasm to learn new skills and technology
  • Follow good conduct and propriety at workplace 
  • Adept in Industry widely used Software tools  

Many young graduates and freshers do not meet the above requirements. They have to undergo Training and develop certain skills to be ready to join any professional company.  To Bridge the gap between the industry standards and the education Framework BIM resources Is providing industry Oriented training programs for Young graduates and freshers.

BIM resources aims towards helping students and professionals to achieve their goals Of having an ideal career by developing their expertise Through its various training programs. We are working towards being a leading name in providing BIM, Construction Automation and Digital workflow Software skills to students and young professionals and facilitating them to jumpstart their career. 

Corporate Training

In-house & Onsite corporate trainings

​Develop the skills of your engineers with a program run by our domain experts and tailored to your business. Learn more about our Tekla Structures, IDEA StatiCa and Offshore SACS at your facility with onsite training. In addition to our standard courses rendered we can also customize our classes to suite your specific team or project needs.

BIM Projects

Structural Steel Projects

Concrete and Rebar Projects

Precast Projects

Composite / Multi material

Steel Connection Design

Offshore Structure (Topside & Jacket) SACS Connect Edition

Individual Training

BIM Resources training programs are run throughout the year. Individual aspiring to join for training will be put together in available upcoming batches with other trainees.

As an individual, engineers can register themselves at our website and our training co-ordinator will keep you updated.

Placement Assistance

BIM resources Incessantly aspires to develop and train highly certifies BIM consultants to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of BIM consultants In the Indian and overseas market. 

The Placement assistance team at BIM resources will support and guide all deserving candidates. 

Training and Certification

Professional Certification will be awarded after performance-based exams where participants will be tested mostly on hands-on skills with software exercises and Project works.

Through this system, participants can be accurately appraised on their application skills along with the theoretical knowledge. 

A project-based examination will take place, where  a “Certification of Achievement” with grading  will be issued to participants upon completion of the course and exam. The certificate of achievement will be endorsed by BIM Resources, Trimble Tekla, Bentley and IDEA StatiCa.

All the Trainees who have enrolled in BIM Resources will be given a unique registration number. This number gives a additional benefit of free version update training, which will help to keep pace with advancement in the industry.